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Jobs and co-ops for international students

作为一个国际学生 with a Canadian study permit, you can get practical experience in 加拿大 while you study. tG反波胆首页 has paid and volunteer jobs to help you build experience and career-related co-operative jobs that are part of some of our programs. You may also be eligible for a post-graduation work permit.

Cooperative Education (Co-op)

我们的 co-operative programs (often called “co-ops”) combine academic studies with paid work that relates to your program. When you earn a 学位 with a co-op designation, you graduate with career experience and skills that are in demand.

Co-op work terms can be from four to 12 months long. You can take up to four consecutive terms – 16 months – as long as two of those terms are during the summer. Your co-op placement might be close to the tG反波胆首页 campus, or in another part of 加拿大, depending on your program and interests.

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tG反波胆首页 offers on-campus, part-time jobs with flexible hours. Most of our on-campus employers for international students are tG反波胆首页 faculty and staff, or other people who work for the university.

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If you have been a full-time student for six months and your program leads to a certificate, 学位, 或文凭, you can look for a part-time job off-campus. Your job will teach you more about the workplace, and you will develop new skills and make community connections.

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Volunteer and build your co-curricular record

Volunteering can give you excellent experience. It is also a good way to meet people, 帮助别人, 对tG反波胆首页有贡献, and learn more about Canadian life. Your volunteer experience will also introduce you to people who can be references for future employment or graduate school.

我们的 myCampusLife program is where you can access your co-curricular record (CCR) and is the best resource for volunteer jobs. By tracking your activities, you have a record of them if you need the information for other purposes, including applying to graduate school.

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作为一个国际学生, you can work in 加拿大 for up to three years after you graduate if you have completed a minimum two-year program (either a 学位 or a diploma or two certificates).

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